Disney Princesses have been around since the release of Snow White, and have inspired several generations of women in the US and around the world. Disney princesses are a main staple in the average home with a young girl, which makes what is happening that much more sad.

Most people realize that as we age we begin to see things a lot differently than we had before, we start to catch the nuances, the innuendoes, the totally inappropriate adult jokes, and more, we start to understand more complicated ideas that had never occurred to us before, especially if we have lived a particularly difficult life and have become more pessimistic and jaded. Really, a person can watch almost anything, and if they are pc, jaded, or pessimistic enough, find a problem with it. The thing is, it doesn’t really matter what WE as adults see, because we are seeing things, backed by years of experience, what does matter, is what they see, what you saw as a child.

snow whiteSnow White and the Seven Dwarves 1937

Jaded Adult: This girl was abused and nearly murdered by her stepmother, she runs away and blindly trusts 7 dirty men who live in a dirty cabin, and moves in with them, (where they sexually assaulting her? WHAT?) Then she just dies and a magical prince who doesn’t know her but already loves her, sexually assaults her causing her to wake up and forces her to marry him.

Gwyn (Young girl): She is abused by her Stepmom who tries to kill her but the nice hunter helps her run away where she bravely faces being alone and scared. She finds a house and some really nice old guys take her in to be their maid and protect her because she is just a little kid. She does a really good job taking care of them and herself to pay them back for being so nice and saving her because you can’t just expect to be taken care of. Snow White is really nice and pretty naive because she is so nice and believes the best in everyone, so she gets tricked and almost dies because of the apple, but, like Frozen taught us, True love can exist anywhere, and the little boy she was playing with at the beginning comes along and still loves her from when they were little and it still counts, so he breaks the spell and everyone lives happily ever after. Also, if you ever read the written story, the witch gets stuck in the mirror forever. What Snow White REALLY teaches small girls:

  1. To be nice to people that help you.
  2. Not to take food from strangers.
  3. Just because someone looks like they won’t hurt you doesn’t mean they won’t, so always have someone with you.
  4. That being vain and obsessed with being pretty can make you insane and evil.
  5. That you should sleep in a glass coffin in the sunshine if you plan to get kissed awake.
  6. Some cartoons are really sad, and some kids have really bad parents.



Cinderella 1950

Jaded Adult: This woman spends the entire movie just waiting for her prince charming to rescue her and does absolutely nothing to save herself or better her own situation. She is letting herself be abused and doing nothing about it.

Gwyn (Young Girl): This movie is sad to me. Her mom and dad both died, like Snow White’s and her wicked Stepmother, there are lots of wicked stepmother’s in the Disney Movies if you hadn’t noticed. Anyway, Cinderella has a wicked stepmother and two wicked step sisters, they force her to be a slave for them and do everything which makes her sad, they are so mean to her and I am so glad my mom is not like that.

Back in those medieval ages when they lived in castles, women could not do any stuff on their own, so we had to really fight to change that, the world is not like that anymore, but back then they couldn’t, so they all had to live together. Women only got away by going to get married to someone nice, so she hoped she could find love because she was lonely and so sad. She had friends who loved her though and helped her, even if they were little mice and birds but they were not the family she really wanted. Cinderella is a really good person  which is why the animals like her, animals do not like bad people, and even though her family is mean to her she still does her best to take care of them so that they can have a good life and be happy.

When Cinderella finds out about the ball she does all kinds of things to get to go, when they ruin her dress she feels like she has no choice, but when she starts to cry the godmother comes, I think it is more that she gets hope, and that is who the godmother is, representing her getting hope and coming up with a clever plan to get away and go meet her prince.

Cinderella teaches us:

  1. Being kind in the face of adversity is the best route because it is better to be nice.
  2. Dreaming of things is good, because then you have stuff to work for.
  3. Not all people are nice, but, they usually lose when they aren’t nice.
  4. When a man really loves you he will be there for you, even if he has to touch a million feet.
  5. You should really have straps on your shoes so they don’t fall off.