Some people are using the 1922 ice melt, as a reason to say that Accelerated Climate Change is fake, let me explain that for you:

There was something called “The Little Ice Age”, in the 1680’s to the very early/mid 1800’s. A cold came down (and there have been thousands of mini-ice ages, this one was much bigger) that created glacier formations all over the north, and south poles, and even a few in places like Argentina. These glaciers saw a recession in the very early 1900’s, when this recession occurred people freaked out, and in the 1920’s started to speculate that the world was going to flood and we would all drown, now remember, in 1920 science was young, and people were still hyper about anything odd happening to the world.

Now let’s say that the first record of a temp increase came in 1850, we started seeing glacier melt, unless someone was paying attention there, no one would have noticed the start, we didn’t notice the start either in the 1940’s, we caught on much later in the 1980’s.

We know that the first increase in temperatures were in the 1850’s, the increased temperature needs a while to start to chip away, it’s not a microwave, blow dryer, oven, it doesn’t immediately go from 0 to a melting temperature. It needs to cause corrosion, and heat up, it makes it drip off at first. It is not completely unimaginable, in fact, it fits with what we know, to accept that by 1922 it would look like a catastrophe to the people who did not realize that the ice line was simply returning to it’s default location, from where it had extended to during The Little Ice Age. Once the ice lines stopped receding in 1924, they didn’t get any bigger, people stopped panicking, but the thing to remember is, they stopped getting smaller until the 1960s to 1990s there are debates on where the default ice line is because we never measured before, and we certainly did not have the aerial capabilities we have now, however we are fairly certain where it is because it was there from the 60’s through the 90’s. The panic in the 1920’s may make it look like to you that there is no truth in the idea that our ice will continue to melt, however, you are forgetting that our iceline now is actually 1/4 of what is was in 1924, because the melting kicked back up again, about 20 million years before it should have, at a pace 2000% what it should be going at.

What you need to do know about the Climate Cycle

The Climate Cycle is 100% natural, it has happened forever, it is the natural sway from cold to hot and back again. It happens because of various reasons, but primarily, it is the cyclic exchange of heat from the air to the water. As the water gains more heat, ice melts, and the water evaporates faster, the oceans water cycles also cool or heat land causing our wind temperatures. So now the water is hotter, that makes the air hotter, hotter air is full of water, but not cold enough or dense enough for rain until it gets elevated. This water drops on land, instead of back in oceans, so you get flooding on land, people always think shores for some reason will be the only thing to flood, but, not so much, usually inland areas are the first to flood because of the way the water cycle works. Now so far, you learned all of this in 5th grade science class so hopefully you are remembering.

Now, as the water is dropped inland it relieves some of the pressure on the oceans, but it cools off the inland area that just flooded, and causes a wind temp shift that can change a windsheer to a lower temperature, giving northern areas colder air than normal. So in a heat cycle, we get a much wetter world because less of the water is trapped in ice, and more of the water is evaporating quicker than it would otherwise, causing more rain and flooding in inland areas. A wetter, hotter world is a world with more and scarier, big storms (as we have been seeing for the last 10 years), and more frequent ones at that.

The ocean can only melt so much ice before it gets cold and no longer has a rising heat temperature, in fact, as more and more ice melts, and the evaporated water leaves the oceans, the water temperature will begin to drop. The warm currents in the water are what keeps the land warm, so as the temperature in the ocean drops, so too, will the temperature of the land, but not before water levels have risen high enough to mass flood coastal regions.

This is actually all very well documented throughout the years in previous climate cycles that we can observe.

Why Global Warming was false:

Global Warming claimed that the warming would continue superheating the world and killing us via that heat, and drowning us in coastal regions, that however is absolutely not what is going to happen because that is not WHAT happens. Our world has a default mechanism so to speak, that will shut it down and freeze us out instead. It would take extreme temperatures that can not actually happen without some major catastrophe, to evaporate our oceans fast enough for the cycle to not be able to complete itself. Think of it like boiling water on your stove, even when you boil the water out of the pan, you will see the water spread out all over your cabinets as the evaporation condenses from cooling. Imagine the drips are rain drops, that’s how the world works.

The Climate Change Cycle

About every 100,000 years, the earth freezes to some extent or another, going into an ice age, it’s actually pretty well timed to be about a 100,000 years apart for this to happen. The earth cools for 90,000 years, then warms again collapsing the ice sheets, in slow motion. It’s been happening for 4.5 billion years.

Major ice ages happen after the world gets too hot. For instance right after the dinosaurs when the world was on fire and volcanoes were like hey, let’s all go off at once, the world superheated. Ash covered the sky, this allowed the heat to move into the upper atmosphere, while keeping new heat from going into the lower atmosphere, causing a quick and in the term of life years, immediate, shift to a massive ice age that would last about 60 million years, only ending 2.7 million years ago.

Right now, we are in the cycle called the Quaternary Glaciation, which started, 2.7 million years ago. Each change in cycle, gets it’s own special name. Each period has a Glacial Period (getting cold) that lasts about 90,000 years, and an Interglacial Period (getting warm), that lasts about 10,000 years. At the very beginning of the Quaternary Glaciation we were coming out of the second largest Ice Age period to have hit the earth, (The first was called a Snowball Earth which actually froze the world over completely from top to bottom killing all life but one set of tiny microbes). Up until 1 million years ago, the smaller glaciations were occurring every 47,000 years, as the Earth tried to get back on cycle, for the last 1 million years, they have happened, on cue, every 100,000 years, however, we are breaking that.

This is where it get’s tricky, you see our last major glaciation (cold period) ended, 11,700 years ago, which put us into the interglacial period (warm) they are only supposed to last for 10,000 years, we are 11,700 years past that point, we should have started getting icy again already in the 1900’s. However, we aren’t, because instead of the air cooling, we are heating it via chemicals like CO2. CO2 blocks heat from rising, keeping it close to the earth instead of letting it escape to the upper atmosphere.

Well, what is going to happen now that we are not cooling?

Things get a bit sticky here, and scientists can’t agree, because this has never happened in the history of the earth. The closest the earth has come to this type of situation is when the meteor hit the earth during the time of dinosaurs, however, we can not fairly compare because of the lack of ash we have, versus the extreme amount of ash they did.

So here are the two major thoughts:

One, the earth will continue to heat for the next 100,000 years or so before we see the real cooling, during that time we will see extreme flooding, things called super storms, and other horrible effects including huge areas of land turning into deserts due to the heat, ultimately ending in a snowball earth. I find this one highly unlikely because our water cycle basically makes this very hard to accomplish.

Two, the water cycle will eventually override the CO2 warming, and begin to refreeze, but instead of a minor freeze like we should have had, it will kick in a major ice age and a new glaciation period. Meaning, think caveman days with the giant ice sheets.

I am more of a believer in mother nature and her great power to correct the world when it goes astray, but the scale of ice age they are talking about will literally kill pretty much everyone and everything on the face of the planet.

The call is yours in what you believe, but I want to leave you with one last thought, the entire world believes in Climate Change, we know for absolute fact it is real. If it were a US Government conspiracy, why do the countries all around the world believe in it and you and a small handful of others do not?

Have you ever considered that the people preaching against it have ulterior motives? Like the extreme expense manufacturer’s have to go to in order to keep their pollution down? Or the fact that coal has gone on a massive decline due to its extreme pollution when burnt? Or maybe, they simply tell you all of these logical sounding conspiracy theories, because they want to be special, like creationists. Denying Climate Change is the same thing as believing the earth is new. And conspiracy theories are often the most logical sounding things you have ever heard because they call to the suspicious and scared part of your nature. You might not be alive, your kids might not be alive, in 300 years when it all comes to a head, but your descendants will be, and you, your kids, grandkids, are certainly, and will certainly be alive while we watch hurricanes develop on mainland Russia, where they are absolutely not supposed to be.

Reducing our carbon footprint can hopefully reverse either of the two potential outcomes of our CO2 pollution, having more trees to drink up the CO2 will certainly help, but we only have 2 degrees fahrenheit before it is not reversible.

Food for thought

Do you really want to take the chance that climate change is real, when it does not hurt you or anyone else, even a little bit, to take action to stop it?