Neutral US Political Facts

Legislation, Bills, and Political History, clean cut for your understanding

Historical Political Facts

Historical Political Facts are extremely important to our understanding of current events and how our government works, for instance knowing that our country came from a country that did not have freedom of press, helps you to understand why it is so detrimental to our nation to have that freedom. Our ability to report on what our government is doing, allows us to have power over our government, as we can then make choices, such as which senators or representatives to reelect, based upon their choices while they are in office. For instance, knowing that your Senator voted to approve legislation that would take away your right to have cats, will keep you from voting to reelect that senator when it is time for elections. In many cases, the media can actually catch them doing something immoral and illegal, and help to get them out of office before they spread their immorality. For that reason, knowing the history of a specific political situation can make all the difference on how you view that specific topic.

The War for Israel, a summarized History


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