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Legislation being under committee consideration, means that a select group of individuals, usually appointed to offices of that topic, for instance the Committee on Education and the Workforce, will take a piece of legislation that has gone past the House (meaning they decided it was worth looking at as a bill), and they will review it.

This review entails making sure that it is constitutional, meaning that it stays within the essence of the constitution, that it does not violate any personal rights and liberties of a free US citizen, and that it is economical viable. If the committee finds anything wrong with the legislation that it is reviewing, it will write amendments for the legislation, it does not actually change anything within the legislation. The committee must then vote by a majority (this means only 1 person more than the other side), to get the legislation back on to the house floor for consideration as a bill, at which point the House will vote.

Many pieces of legislation will go through roll call votes before it ever goes to committee, but once in committee and amended, the House will get to speak up against or for the legislation prior to the final votes being cast, this is called a roll call.

Articles under this page will cover Legislation in Committee from Jan. 20th, 2017 on.

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